he queen herself...

... is 113% addicted to rock 'n roll, it's styling and attitude.

She started her fashion design education in 2000 with the
intention to create outstanding new styles for all those
who walk the line between good and evil.

In 2003 she graduated with lots of success with her
"Medici's Heritage" collection, which combined sinister
historical elements with classic rock'n roll details.

In July 2004 and January 2005 she was
exhibiting her designs at the
"Spirit of Fashion", a fashion show for
alternative clothing and accessoires culture.

For her designs she mostly gets inspired by
personalities like Alice Cooper, Marylin Manson,
David Bowie, Wednesday 13 and from outstanding
characters in history. All drawings, patterns and
clothing is made by the Queen herself, also special
stage and show outfits aiming particularly at the
rock gods themselves.

... got a vision of bringing back the glamour into
the rock 'n roll, of combining glitter and gutter,
dirt 'n diamonds without stepping into the footsteps
of all those so-called rockin' individuals,
who only follow the rules of mainstream fashion.